Tinder is getting its own virtual currency for users desperate to match

Dating app Tinder will soon roll out its own virtual in-app currency for users who want to increase their chances of matching with someone. The currency was first tested with a small number of users but will soon be available for anyone on the platform to earn...or to buy with real money if they've run out earlier than expected.

Tinder coins, which only have value in the app as something to redeem for perks, are earned by using the app regularly: the coins roll in when one's profile is kept up-to-date and when active on the platform. Users can then trade these coins in for Boosts, Super Likes, and other perks that increase match odds.

Super Boost is, for example, an upgrade that users can buy to jump the line and get seen by more possible matches. This, in turn, increases your odds of matching with someone. Using the app will bring in coins that can be redeemed for Super Boost instead of paying.

According to Bloomberg, users can also spend money to get coins. This gives users a chance to use the perks without paying cash, and may also increase the number of people who end up spending money when the coins run out.

Users who are able to access the perks without spending money will get to see the benefits of applying the perks and may want to continue getting them even when the virtual currency runs out. Tinder coins will first start rolling out in Australia with other markets added in the near future.