Tinder integrates Instagram to show you're well-rounded

If you're trying to lure in new connections on Tinder, hawking your life through carefully filtered and selectively framed Instagram photos is one way to do that. The service hasn't been entirely friendly toward Instagram, however, in that it didn't offer support for such and users would have to put a link to their Instagram profile in their Tinder profile. Users requested a bit more than that, though, and Tinder has decided to listen, adding an option to embedded your Instagram photos directly in your Tinder profile for all to see.

Tinder announced the new Instagram integration on its blog today, saying that it is in response to requests it has received from its users. The Instagram profiles can be added by firing up Tinder and going into one's profile, then using a single-tap feature for adding the Instagram profile. They're show up in their own section of the Tinder profile.

Tinder assures users that they don't have to be concerned about unauthorized posts to Instagram by linking their profile; it won't post anything, nor will it "alter your existing Instagram privacy settings." In addition to the new Instagram integration, there's also a new common connections feature.

With this update, Tinder users will see mutual friends and friends of friends that all have things in common with some of your (potential) matches. This is supposed to offer users more degrees of connection when seeing potentials during a round of swiping — though, of course, you're not going to be seeing common connections with every profile you come across.

Be sure to update your app to see the new features!

SOURCE: Tinder Blog