Tinder and Lyft team to simplify transportation to and from dates

Ridesharing service Lyft has teamed with Tinder to offer a new feature for those hoping to go out on dates again. For those times you match with someone who doesn't have a car of their own, you can now use Lyft to send that Tinder user a ride credit to the place where you'll meet up. This avoids the potential risk and hassle of picking a date up in person.

Lyft announced the new feature today; users can find it in the Tinder app's Explore hub where a card that reads "Lyft" is now available. Tapping that Explore hub card will open a feature that lets Tinder users send a ride to their dates via Lyft credits so they can get to the meet-up location.

Users who send a credit can set a limit on how much they'll pay toward the ride fee, as well as whether the credit is for a one-way or roundtrip ride. This feature may prove particularly useful for users who want to meet up with a match that doesn't have a car and may not have access to reliable public transportation.

According to Lyft, its new offering is seamlessly integrated with the Tinder app. Users who purchase a ride credit will be presented with a shareable link that they can then manually send to their date. The match can then accept the ride credit, which will be added to their Lyft account for their ride.

Users must have the Lyft app installed to redeem the ride credit. This allows someone to buy their date a ride without sharing or receiving their personal information, including their home address, which makes the entire process safer for everyone involved compared to picking up your date in person.