Timex Ironman iControl Controls iPhone/iPod

The last time Apple teamed up with a company for an exercise device we got the Nike+iPod in-shoe tin that tracked several metrics. This time `round we get the Timex Ironman iControl, a watch that can wirelessly control the basic functions of your iPhone and/or iPod.

The watch itself is a standard exercise watch with the sole exception of the media function buttons surrounding the front fascia. The watch offers control of play/pause, next/previous, and volume.

The only other requirement than the watch for this magic trick is a small dongle that attaches to the dock connector. Its available in a few different colors and is small enough to be worn conveniently all day. It costs $125 and is presumably available now. The boys over at Giz who reviewed it stated that the limited functionality this thing adds to especially the iPhone (with its head phones already having most of these controls inline) makes it a not-worth-while investment, personally I think it would be neat for iPod use, and if your iPhone were docked, or connected to some other device and playing music it would be very useful then.

Hands On the Timex Ironman iControl (Verdict: Great, But...) [via Gizmodo]