TimeSplitters is finally making a comeback

For years now, TimeSplitters fans have been asking for a new entry in the series. Up to this point, those requests have gone unanswered – even fan requests for remakes of the original games in the TimeSplitters trilogy haven't managed to gain any traction – but that's all changing today. Publisher Deep Silver has announced that it's reviving Free Radical Design, and it looks like that studio will be tasked with making a new TimeSplitters game.

While the Free Radical Design of 2021 probably isn't going to look exactly the same as the Free Radical Design that made the original TimeSplitters games, there will still be some similarities. In an announcement published to Twitter today, Deep Silver says that the new Free Radical Design will have some familiar faces leading the charge.

"You asked and we listened," the announcement opens. "We have been working on plans to bring the TimeSplitters franchise back to life, and are pleased to let you know that we are setting up a new Deep Silver development studio to do just that. Free Radical Design is reforming and will be headed up by industry and TimeSplitters veterans, Steve Ellis and David Doak."

While that's certainly exciting for those of us who played way too much TimeSplitters back in the day, we should probably calm ourselves for now. That's because Deep Silver also says that development on this new game has not begun yet, which means that it's still quite some time off. We probably shouldn't expect a new TimeSplitters entry for a couple of years at least.

In the meantime, this particularly enthusiastic TimeSplitters fan hopes we'll see Deep Silver and Free Radical Design remaster or remake the original TimeSplitters games to satiate fans, but with no indication of such remakes in today's announcement, we probably shouldn't get too excited about that prospect either. We'll let you know when Deep Silver shares more about the new Free Radical Design and this revival of the TimeSplitters franchise, so stay tuned.