Time Warner to drop Ovation due to low viewer numbers

Time Warner Cable has announced that it plans to drop Ovation, the only arts-related station offered by the cable service provider. This move is due to low viewer numbers that put Ovation near the bottom of Time Warner's offerings. As a result of the low numbers, TWC has paid out more in fees than the station is bringing in, with the cable provider having paid the station in excess of $10 million over the years.

Time Warner has 12 million subscribers, and less than 1-percent of them tune in to Ovation. This makes Ovation one of TWC's "poorest performing networks," and gives the service provider little incentive to keep it. Ovation has expressed criticism over the amount TWC has invested in its regional sports network while moving to drop its only arts network, while Time Warner has countered stating that Ovation shows too many infomercials and reruns.

As can be expected, Ovation isn't happy over this change of events. The station's Executive Vice President Brad Samuels offered this statement. "While they are investing huge amounts in sports programming, they've chosen to limit their customers' viewing options by cutting the only arts network in their lineup."

Ovation has a petition to keep Time Warner from dropping it up on its website; subscribers can check it out and sign it if desired over at KeepOvation.com. If Time Warner cable stands by its decision to remove the station, Ovation will no longer be available starting December 31, which is when the company's contract expires with the service provider.

[via Reuters]