Time Warner Cable finally adds Viacom channels to iPad app

Time Warner Cable and Viacom have been embroiled in a lawsuit for a long time now that stemmed from Time Warner wanting to put Viacom channels on its iPad app for streaming. Viacom maintained that Time Warner only had permission to air its channels on cable TV. Viacom fought tooth and nail and is now finally settling the differences with Time Warner.

That means Viacom channels such as MTV, VH1, and Comedy Central will be coming to Time Warner streaming iPad app. The legal trouble started last year when Time Warner launched the iPad app allowing people to stream live shows to the tablets while in their home. Time Warner maintained during the legal process that the iPad was simply another TV in the home while Viacom argued that the tablet was a new device that required additional distribution rights.

The main issue for Viacom has been believed to be the fact that the number of people watching via the iPad app were not trackable so they couldn't sell the additional views to advertisers. Interestingly, the deal points to possible trouble with Viacom's Country Music Television or CMT channel. Time Warner was required to buy rights to show CMT programs in the deal allowing it to stream the other networks. Apparently, this sort of deal is common when a particular network isn't doing well in the ratings.

[via TechCrunch]