Tim Cook takes stab at Android "none of their tablets are a great experience"

While Tim Cook is roaming around on stage during the Apple event we are covering live here, he took the opportunity to take a few quick jabs at the competitors. Those being Android and most directly — Samsung. Talking about the tablet user experience and the fact that out of over 100 competitive Android tablets released none have a great experience. More details below.

Obviously one of Apple's main competitors from the Android side has been Samsung so they were quick to make a few comments on that. One in particular was regarding Twitter and how it looks like a bloated phone app and not something built for a tablet. Here's what Tim Cook had to say:

Showing a Twitter app running on a Samsung tablet on Android – It kind of looks like a blown-up smartphone app — because that's exactly what it is. Compare that to Twitter on iPad.

Pretty interesting comment considering Android tablets before Android 4.0 have had Honeycomb — an OS built for tablets that was not a phone operating system like iOS is. Either way we found it interesting for sure. It's all about the apps, and the developers.

Then he instantly talked about the only tablet that is better than the iPad 2. Stating that out of the 100+ tablets shipped to compete with the iPad 2 only ONE is better — and that is the all new iPad. All the details are here at SlashGear so keep reading as we detail all the specs, battery life, and full availability!