Tilt My Blinds adds smartphone control to your windows

Products that let you control your blinds with your smartphone or tablet are a dime a dozen at this point, but options to automate other oft-used items in your home are less common. One of those things are the blinds on your windows — while there are automated versions available, you have to shell out for a complete (usually expensive) package.

Tilt My Blinds bids itself as the solution, using a combination of solar power and a "motor box" that fits in the top of your existing blinds, nestled down in the tray where it can't be seen. For those who don't want to use solar power, there's also a power cable available that can be plugged in.

In addition to the app that allows users to control it, an adhesive-backed wireless switch is included that can be pressed to any wall. This is more convenient than pulling out your smartphone in some cases, and can be removed when not wanted.

As with many new devices, Tilt My Blinds is being funded through Kickstarter, where it has exceeded its $50,000 goal, presently sitting at $65,719 USD with 17 days to go. A pledge of $75 will get you the device, with shipping being slated for this coming February.

SOURCE: Kickstarter