Tile helps you find a bunch of Bluetooth devices

Eric Abent - Jan 7, 2019, 7:00am CST
Tile helps you find a bunch of Bluetooth devices

Back in August, Skullcandy’s Venue headphones launched with a particularly interesting feature: they had Tile’s technology embedded inside. This meant that you’d be able to use Tile’s app to locate your headphones in the event that you lost them. As it turns out, that team up with Skullcandy was just an indication of things to come for Tile, as it today announced that it’s partnering with a number of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) chip companies.

This, of course, means that we’ll soon see a lot of Bluetooth devices that use Tile’s technology. Officially dubbed “Find with Tile,” this new initiative will make it easy for device manufacturers to implement Tile support in their products, as it’ll be integrated directly onto BLE chips. Some of the BLE chipmakers that have signed on to support Find with Tile include Qualcomm, Dialog Semiconductor, Silicon Labs, and Toshiba.

“Through BLE chip partnerships, Tile will quickly become a foundational building block for BLE-enabled product manufacturers in a variety of verticals, from audio and cameras, to laptops and wearables,” said Tile CEO CJ Prober in today’s announcement. “With over 20 billion BLE devices forecasted to ship in the next four years, ‘Find with Tile’ will soon be a key everyday feature in consumer products.”

The first industry Tile seems ready to take over is audio, as the company today announced new partnerships with Sennheiser, Sol Republic, Plantronics, and Soundcore by Anker. Tile says that all four companies will be releasing new products that support its technology at some point in the coming months. What those products actually are weren’t revealed, but we can probably expect integration that similar to what we saw with the Skullcandy Venue.

So, if you find that you often misplace your devices, this could be a very exciting announcement for you, assuming the devices you frequently lose are Bluetooth ones. In any case, this is a big announcement for Tile, as it’s signifies a pretty major expansion beyond physical products. We’ll see where this leads soon enough, but for now, stop by our CES hub for more coverage from the show floor!

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