TieTry becomes the 'Netflix of ties'

Netflix has certainly proved that customers like the idea of paying a low monthly fee in exchange for being able to try out all sorts of things that they don't really have any interest in buying. Other startups have come forward since, including rental-by-mail services for toys, books, and video games. And here's a new one – ties.

University of Alabama law school graduates Scott Tindle and David Powers decided they weren't having enough fun with their law practices so they decided to let business people look like they own a lot of ties, giving them access to between one and five ties at a time for a monthly fee ranging between $11.99 to $29.00. As soon as they ship a tie back, they get a new one.

"We wanted to come up with an interesting business idea, and since we are both lawyers, ties seemed to be a good fit. With some ties going for $90, this is a good way to expand your wardrobe without breaking the bank," Tindle said in a USA Today interview. So who's interested in the service? "We have customers from every walk of life. Lawyers, college professors, people in business. We try to offer a good selection from known designers. We are also working with regional tie companies to give our customers a good selection to choose from," said Powers.

[via USA Today]