Ticketmaster kicks the CAPTCHA to the curb

We all have a love-hate relationship with the CAPTCHA. On one hand, it keeps us secure from those pesky internet bots, but on the other hand, they can be extremely annoying. However, online ticket retailer Ticketmaster is doing away with the CAPTCHA for a much-simpler system that will require users to type phrases instead of incoherent words.

Ticketmaster is now using software created by New York startup company Solve Media, which has developed a new system that's similar to the CAPTCHA, but it asks for well-known phrases or provides simple multiple choice questions. For instance, the new system can display an image and the user inputs a word that describes the image.

Already, trials of the new system have shown positive results so far for Ticketmaster, and Kip Levin, who is the company's executive vice president of e-commerce, says that customer satisfaction is growing thanks to the new system. Plus, he said that the company is happy with the system as far as security measures go.

As internet robots have become more sophisticated over the years, the CAPTCHA has also had to become more sophisticated in order to keep the bots out. However, as a result, it has become more difficult for users to use the CAPTCHA due to the warped text and added time it takes to fill on out. Hopefully more and more websites will migrate to using simpler systems in the near future.

[via BBC News]