TI unveils new TI-Nspire iPad applications

Texas Instruments has announced that it has built its high-end graphing calculator technology into some applications designed to run on the Apple iPad. The company has announced the launch of two new applications including the TI-Nspire App for iPad and the TI-Nspire CAS App for iPad. These apps are specifically designed for the iPad and were refined in collaboration with researchers and classroom teachers.

The apps were designed to meet curriculum needs for students ranging from seventh grade through college. The apps are able to offer all-in-one functionality for performing calculations in proper math notation. The apps also offer graphing and exporting functions, equations and inequalities, and the ability to construct and explore geometric figures.

The apps have a on screen keyboard that can toggle between math notation and QWERTY configurations allowing students to put notes beside equations. The applications also offer dynamically linked multiple representations of problems encouraging students to make personal connections by observing how the equations change as the student interacts with the shapes, graphs, and objects on the tablet screen.

The apps also have the ability to create and save documents and share them using e-mail, iTunes, and other sharing options. The app also takes advantage of the integrated camera of the iPad allowing students to take photos and import them into the app and overlay graphs and equations on those photographs to illustrate math principles using real world examples. The apps are available to download right now from the App Store for $29.99 each. Teachers can get a free one-year license to both apps with the purchase of one of the apps via the App Store.

[via TI]