TI Introduces New TMS320C66x Multicore DSP For Core Networking And High-Performance Computing

Texas Instruments has unveiled its latest product in the digital signal processing market. The new DSP is called the TMS320C66x multicore DSP and the family has four products in it right now. The new DSPs are all scalable and are aimed at applications where high-performance and low power consumption is required.

The DSPs are constructed with multiple 1.25GHz DSP cores and deliver the first 10GHz DSP with 320 GMACs and 160 GFLOPS of combined fixed and floating performance on a single device in the industry. TI claims that the performance of the new DSPs surpasses that of all other devices in the industry.

The new DSPs are aimed at a wide range of uses with the parts being appropriate for public safety, defense, medial, high-performance computing, and core networking uses. The DSPs are all based on the TI KeyStone multicore architecture to maximize on chip data flow. The new DSPs are offered in three pin compatible designs in two, four, and eight core versions.