Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales heads to Nintendo Switch today

For Switch owners, perhaps one of the biggest surprises of 2019 was when CD Projekt Red decided to bring The Witcher 3 to the console. Being relatively underpowered when compared to other machines like the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4, many Switch owners probably assumed that a graphics-intensive game like The Witcher 3 would be nothing more than a pipe dream for their platform of choice.

Despite needing to make a few graphics concessions to get it up and running on the Switch, CD Projekt Red still made it happen. Today, the company is keeping the Witcher train rolling on the Switch by releasing Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales on the platform. Though Thronebreaker is vastly different from The Witcher 3, Switch owners looking for more games set in the Witcher universe might want to consider picking it up.

One nice thing about Thronebreaker is that it'll be a lot less graphically demanding than The Witcher 3, so there shouldn't be much in the way of compromises with this release. Unfortunately, fans of Geralt won't be playing him this time around – instead, you'll play as Meve, queen of the Northern Realms, who must prepare for an impending invasion from Nilfgaard.

Another big departure from the mainline Witcher series is that battles in Thronebreaker are played out through games of Gwent, the card game that featured in The Witcher 3 and was eventually spun off into a proper release of its own. Thronebreaker is certainly a lot different from what Witcher fans are used to, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing considering that it's been met with very positive user reviews on Steam.

If you want to check it out, you'll find it on the eShop today. The game runs $19.99, which surprisingly is $10 less than its PC counterpart. We'll see if CD Projekt Red decides to bring more Witcher games over to the Switch, so stay tuned for that.