Three things to know about the Acer Aspire One Cloudbook

Acer has some pretty nifty laptops, but it doesn't concentrate only on the higher end of the spectrum. The maker has a lineup of Windows 10 Cloudbooks that give consumers an inexpensive way to get their hands on the latest Windows operating system. We reviewed the laptop in full yesterday, and as always, we're back with a handful of key details you should know if you're considering the laptop.

1. It's super cheap

If you go with the lowest end model, which features an 11.6 inch display, you can get the Aspire One Cloudbook for $169.99 USD, making it one of the most inexpensive notebooks out there. The price pits the machine against comparably-spec'd Chromebooks, but it comes with full-blown Windows 10; the combination of the two makes Acer's Cloudbook very appealing.

2. It's more than adequate

The Aspire One Cloudbook is cheap, and it is low-powered. It is not, however, inadequate when it comes to everyday needs. You'll obviously want to look elsewhere if you're planning on doing anything hardware-intensive, but those who spend most of their time playing Facebook games and typing up homework will find the Cloudbook perfectly adequate.

3. Holy fingerprints, Batman!

The Cloudbook's exterior is covered with a soft rubbery material, and it gives the laptop a more premium, comfortable feel. It also, unfortunately, takes on fingerprints quite excessively and they stand out as stark, dark smudges. Obviously, then, you'll probably want to steer clear if having visible fingerprints on your laptop drives you crazy.