Three-hour Disney Plus trailer packs almost every show and movie

Disney is making a strong point about the vast size of its Disney Plus ("Disney+") content library by publishing a new video trailer. Unlike other promotional trailers, which are typically anywhere from 20 seconds to a few minutes long, the new Disney Plus trailer will take more than three hours to watch. The video contains clips of nearly every video that'll be available to stream.READ: Disney+ gets new multi-year plan option, but only for a limited time

We're only weeks away from the release of Disney Plus, a streaming service that will offer the entire Disney movie catalog, as well as a vast number of television shows from Disney over the years, original series like The Mandalorian, and more. The company has been heavily promoting its service for months following its official announcement earlier this year.

A newly published trailer emphasizes just how huge of a catalog Disney will offer by including a brief look at every show and movie in the library. Disney fans will recognize many classic movies and older TV shows, as well as new works that'll exclusively be available through the service once it arrives.

When it launches on November 12, Disney Plus will be priced at $6.99/month as its base rate. Customers who want a slight discount have the option of signing up for an entire year for a flat rate of $69.99, as well, which is $5.83/month per month. The company recently also offered a 'Founders Circle' deal that enabled customers to buy three years of access for a flat rate of $169.99, which worked out to $5/month.

Disney recently went on a massive tweet-spree on the official Disney+ Twitter account, where the company detailed a huge number of the shows that will be available on its service. In addition to the load of originals that will arrive next month, Disney has already revealed notable future originals, including ones involving its Star Wars and Marvel properties.