Three Galaxy Watch Active 2 models rumored for reveal alongside Note 10

When Samsung pulls the veil back on the Galaxy Note 10 next month, it's expected to announce the Galaxy Watch Active 2 alongside it. Make no mistake, the Galaxy Note 10 will be the star of Samsung's Unpacked event on August 7th, but that isn't stopping the rumor mill from churning out fresh reports on that incoming smartwatch. Today, a new report is claiming that Samsung is gearing up to launch three different models for the Galaxy Watch Active 2 in all.

That report comes from the folks over at Wareable, who spoke to sources with knowledge with Samsung's Unpacked plans. Those who are familiar with smartwatches have probably already guessed that two of the three rumored Active 2 models include a Bluetooth-only model and an LTE-capable one. The third model, however, will be a Bluetooth-only watch that sports Under Armor branding.

Wareable's report says that the Under Armor watch will ship with its own special "sporty strap" along with a six month subscription to MapMyRun. All three watches will apparently be offered in 40mm and 44mm sizes as well.

So far, we've heard mostly unsurprising things from this report, but here's where it gets a little weird: Samsung plans to announce electrocardiogram support for these smartwatches during Unpacked, though thanks to a hang up with the FDA approval process, that feature won't be available in the Galaxy Watch Active 2 until some point next year.

Wareable's sources also anticipate that LTE functionality in watches that support it will initially only be available when paired with Android phones. Eventually we'll see LTE functionality come to iOS as well, but those sources don't give any indication of when that will happen.

So, it sounds like the Galaxy Watch Active 2 reveal will come with at least a couple of caveats next month. As always, take what you read here with a grain of salt, as nothing will be concrete until Samsung gets up on stage and makes it so. We'll be covering Samsung's Unpacked event on August 7th, so be sure to keep it here at SlashGear for everything you need to know about the Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy Watch Active 2.