Thousands of gamers try to play a single game of Pokémon Red at the same time

The Pokémon franchise has a large number of very ardent followers. One of the older Pokémon games, called Pokémon Red, has a new and interesting life on Twitch TV. The first gen Pokémon game has been tweaked to allow thousands of players to control the game at one time.

As you might imagine, with thousands of people trying to give opposing commands at once, the poor trainer isn't exactly moving smoothly. The game is set up on Twitch TV as a live feed from a Game Boy emulator.

It has been programmed so that chat room commands translate into button pushes. The game apparently has some players that want the trainer the collective is controlling to advance to the final four in a Pokémon battle. However, the game is beset with spammers that want the trainer to lose everything.

The trainer apparently gets into a battle every now and again. It appears that the live streaming game has more going on than the battle in the game, it's also a battle between two factions vying to control the game. One side wants him to win, the other side wants to lose it all. This is certainly a bizarre way to bring new life to an old game, but it is definitely entertaining.

VIA: Reddit