This year's Summer Olympic Games will be streamed on Twitch

Amazon's streaming service Twitch will be the home of some NBC Olympics coverage, the network has announced. Following last year's unprecedented cancellation, the Olympics will return this summer with the 2020 Tokyo Games, a 17-day event that will include various safety measures in light of the SARS-CoV-2 virus's continued presence.

The event taking place this summer will technically be the 2020 Summer Olympics; the International Olympic Committee announced back in March that the 2020 games will take place in Tokyo starting on July 23, 2021. NBC will cover the games, and some of that coverage will also be made available to stream on Twitch.

NBC and Twitch will work together on creating original Olympics coverage for the NBC Olympics Twitch channel. This will, according to the network, include things like athlete interviews, highlight shows, as well as game-related content like themed gaming events before the Olympics kick off.

The Twitch coverage will take place over the 17 days of the Olympics; it'll include Twitch personalities with commentary during the network's primetime block, which will be intended to encourage viewers to also watch broadcast coverage.

The streaming plan will also rally Twitch users to engage with the topic before coverage begins by, for example, performing tasks to keep the Olympics Torch fire burning. Olympics fans who plan to stream the content will be able to find the coverage on the new NBC Olympics Twitch channel here.