This Xbox Series X walkthrough leaves no stone unturned

The Xbox Series X is nearly upon us, and today Microsoft gave us a rather lengthy demo of its new console. Dubbed a "next-gen walkthrough," the nearly 15 minute minute video you see below can best be described as a comprehensive introduction to the console. In that way, the walkthrough offers a lot of information we already knew, but since this is a video, we're able to see many of those previously-revealed features in action.

For instance, we get to see the Xbox Series X's new home menu, with a rather simple dynamic theme that Microsoft says will be available in a number of different colors on launch day. It's also worth noting that the Xbox Series X home menu doesn't look a whole lot different than the home menu we're used to seeing on current-gen Xboxes, but of course, there are a few visual refinements present.

In any case, it isn't long before we're diving into a game, and the first one we see is Gears 5. While this is a current-gen title, we get to take a look at some of the texture and framerate improvements granted by the Xbox Series X's more powerful hardware. We also get to see Quick Resume in action, and the Xbox Series X's Auto HDR feature running in Subnautica.

In addition to seeing some gameplay, we also get a look at the new Xbox controller, with slightly improved ergonomics, textured grips, and a d-pad similar to the one we saw on the Elite Controller Series 2. Microsoft takes us through a demonstration of the functionality of the share button on the Xbox controller, giving us a look at how we can share screenshots and clips through the Xbox mobile app.

With previews of the Xbox store, Xbox Game Pass, and even a look at the Xbox Series X's Seagate expansion cards, this walkthrough does indeed cover a lot of ground. You can give it watch above, but otherwise, look for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S to land on shelves on November 10th.