This Xbox Series X video shows Master Chief like you've never seen him before

Microsoft's ad campaign for the Xbox Series X has definitely been a little strange, but the latest ad from the big M takes it to a whole other level. Clocking in at 3:31, it's less of a traditional ad and more of a video, and it has some big names attached to it. Specifically, the video was directed by Taika Waititi, who helmed movies such as Thor: Ragnarok and Jojo Rabbit.

The video is titled Lucid Odyssey, which is appropriate considering the Xbox Series X tagline "Power Your Dreams." The video is all about a gamer named MoonLiteWolf and her dreams as they were documented after playing Xbox Series X. Her dreams were recorded using Targeted Dream Incubation, where MoonLiteWolf was "guided to a sleep state known as hypnagogia, which was tracked by the Hypnodyne (EEG) headband she was wearing."

Upon entering this state, she was asked to recall her dreams, after which point Taika Waititi was asked to create the video you see embedded above. The final result is definitely strange, and the visual representation of MoonLiteWolf's trippy dreams certainly doesn't disappoint.

Take, for instance, one segment where none other than Master Chief is revealed to be not only a DJ, but also apparently a human-sized cat. Master Chief takes off the helmet at long last in this video, but this certainly is not the face reveal fans have been waiting for.

In any case, seeing more stuff from Taika Waititi is never a bad thing, and at least these Xbox Series X video get the conversation going instead of just showing a bunch of gameplay clips back-to-back. We imagine that Microsoft's ads for Xbox Series X will calm down a bit as we get further out from launch, but for now, we'll take all the strange we can get.