This WiFi 7 demo is genuinely exciting

MediaTek has finally given us our first look at WiFi 7 technology and it's looking very exciting. The new tech is based off IEEE 802.11be, which is expected to be rebranded WiFi 7 closer to release. Based on the new showcase that MediaTek has shared, WiFi 7 should give us a wireless connection capable of emitting the same possible speeds and bandwidth of wired/ethernet connections.

What makes WiFi 7 so exciting is the new possibilities it opens for online applications. As the world steadily moves towards streaming and online content, having fast and reliable connections is becoming more important than ever. Alan Hsu, corporate vice president and the general manager of Intelligent Connectivity business at Mediatek, says "the rollout of WiFi 7 will mark the first time that WiFi can be a true wireline/ethernet replacement for super high bandwidth applications."

Additionally, Hsu notes that the new tech will be the foundation of networks in industrial, office, and home settings. This should allow for better connectivity and speeds for online gaming, as well as offer a seamless connection for internet users.

WiFi 7 demos show the true possibilities of the technology

With these new demos, MediaTek aims to make it very clear why future users should be excited about the launch of WiFi 7. Not only is it capable of faster speeds than the current WiFi tech, but it should also handle congestion better thanks to its multi-link operation (MLO) technology. Based on the new demos, WiFi 7 should allow your connection to move seamlessly between channels on different frequencies to help mitigate bandwidth issues. Alongside the speed it will deliver, this should also ensure better connections for anyone using WiFi 7 to play online games, stream videos, or take part in any kind of internet-based services.

For a lot of people, though, speed is the number one factor to take into account when talking internet. And, WiFi 7 doesn't look like it is going to disappoint. On top of addressing congestion and interference issues with MLO, WiFi 7 could be capable of reaching speeds of up to 30 Gbps. This would bring WiFi 7 close to reaching the 40 Gbps speeds of Thunderbolt 3. At the moment, WiFi 6 offers a complete throughput of up to 9.6 Gbps, so WiFi 7 would offer a massive increase in maximum speeds.

Products with WiFi 7 are expected to arrive sometime in 2023, and MediaTek is one of the earliest adopters of the technology. We expect to see support for the new standard in smartphones, laptops, and other smart devices.