This watch has a real laser inside -- a REAL laser!

How many times in a day do you think "man, a laser would come in super handy right now"? If you're like me, probably half a dozen or so (alright, so, mainly I wish I had a pen light to torture the cat, but still). If you're a James Bond fan, you might even wish that laser was mounted to a watch, and you could burn ropes typing you down, or like seal a bag of chips on the fly. That's getting closer to reality for you and I, as one tinkerer has created a laser-enabled watch.

The boringly named LaserWatch (Wristwatch of moderate destruction would have been way cooler) sports a machined metal body, and a carbon fiber cover. There's even an LED screen to, you know, display the time.

Oh, yeah — a 1,500-milliwatt laser, too. The laser is powerful enough to pop balloons an light candles. Also, you can literally put someone's eyes out with it.

Now that you want one, where can you get them? Nowhere. The creator said he wasn't all that interested in producing them for sale, but could be persuaded for the right price. It takes about 40 hours to build one, and would cost "nothing under $300."

Pretty sure I'd go ahead and drop $300 for those times I see kids struggling to open those stupid hard-plastic-wrapped toys that have no way to easily get in so you can start playing with that rad toy you bought because everyone hates you and the world isn't fair. Stop making those, already!

Also, sharks. I want this on a shark. Sharks need laser beams attached to their heads.

Via: Gizmag