This toaster is actually a charging station for mobile devices

When you really think about it, a toaster would make a great charging station for mobile devices. You could drop multiple phones or mid-size tablets into it, it would keep gadgets standing upright and away from spills and heavy objects being set on top, and it could bake your device to that perfect level of crisp. Well, maybe that last feature wouldn't be so great, but the rest would! The makers of the Foaster probably thought the same, as they came up with a multi-device charging station that looks just like the everyday kitchen appliance.

Probably the best thing about the Foaster is that it can be used multiple devices of any flavor. Have an iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 that need charging at the same time? No problem. Lighting ports and microUSB can both be used, along with Apple's old 30-pin connector, so you can throw an iPhone 4 in there too. All of this uses a single cable to connect to a power outlet.

While the two top-loading slots are meant for smartphones of the non-Plus size, larger phones and even tablets can be charged as well. Pressing down the Foaster's lever will make the sides split apart, offering more space and 2.4 amp charging slots.

While the Foaster isn't available for purchase just yet, its maker say pre-orders are coming soon, and those interested can sign up on their website to be notified when its ready.

SOURCE Foaster

VIA Gizmodo