This pink and white Bugatti Chiron is the ultimate Valentine gift

Somewhere in the world, a lucky and very well-to-do woman has received what might be the ultimate Valentine's Day gift. Her husband ordered her a completely customized Bugatti Chiron Sport. Bugatti says that the special vehicle typifies the spoke customization journey the automaker offers to its lucky buyers. Bugatti says that brand ambassadors at H.R. Bugatti worked alongside Bugatti's team to visualize the creation of a car known as "Alice."

The Chiron Sport is finished in Matte Blanc and Silk Rose, which is a new Bugatti color selected just for this car. The car was completely customized to the customer's wishes and is like no other Bugatti made before. Silk Rose was created to combine with the shade of Matt Blanc, which the images appears to be a matte white color. Much of the car is covered in a pink hue, including touches on the wheels and in the interior.

The interior is designed with a mix of leather and Alcantara in Gris Rafale, along with the spoke "Alice" logos stitched in the headrests. The seats inside the vehicle are Bugatti Comfort spec units, and the car also features Chiron sport stitching in other parts of the cabin.

The door sills also feature custom Alice logos finished in aluminum and the pink Silk Rose color. The car was ordered in London, England, and is a very unique vehicle. While the exterior and interior were completely customized, the core of the car remains Chiron Sport.

That means power from an 8.0-liter W16 engine making massive amounts of horsepower and torque. There is no indication of how much this completely custom Bugatti cost the buyer. What we do know is that a regular Chiron starts at €2.65 million.