This ones for you, iPod and Hello Kitty lovers

Known for releasing tons of products based on its brand, Hello Kitty strikes again. The Hello Kitty TV Show was cancelled all the way back in 2002, but the brand still lives on in video games and plush dolls. This time, the tech-savvy are targeted in their newest product.

The KT4560 is a clock radio and iPod charger plastered with the Hello Kitty name and likeliness. it supports both AM and FM radio (sorry, no satelitte radio!), along with being able to fit the iPod mini, iPod nano, and the current iPods that have video capabilities. The alarm clock also comes standard with a snooze button.

The unit also comes with a cool LCD display that displays various symbols (oh and the time). The Hello Kity Stereo Clock Radio & iPod Charger is being sold on eBay, with no trace of it being available to North Americans yet.

Hello Kitty Stereo Clock Radio & iPod Charger [Via: ChipChick]