This New Arlo Security System Makes Securing Your Home A DIY Affair

Arlo has just announced the release of a new DIY home security system, consisting of an all-in-one multi-sensor and a security hub with a built-in keypad. The system has already been recognized with a 2022 CES Innovation Award. According to the brand, its new tool provides users with an improved, easy-to-use, comprehensive approach to home security.

The company was looking to find solutions to common problems found in other home security systems. Tim Johnston, the SVP of Product at Arlo, spoke of the new award-winning product: "We engineered the Arlo Security System to not only complete Arlo's ecosystem but to address pain points common with other solutions on the market."

Arlo already offers a wide array of home security measures, ranging from cameras to full defense systems. The new security system is said to provide some innovative solutions, offering more protection in a portable, compact, unassuming device. It can be configured to serve a variety of purposes. 

Eight security sensors in one small device

The new Arlo security system features an all-in-one multi-sensor that Arlo claims should be vastly superior to similar devices. It's capable of eight sensing functions as opposed to the single sensor that most security kits provide. The sensor can recognize door and window openings as well as tilting, various motions, potential water leaks, changes in lighting and temperature, as well as T3/T4 smoke and CO alarm patterns.

Such full coverage should contribute to not just protection from potential invaders but also other things that can go wrong in any home. In addition to the above, Arlo offers a few bells and whistles that contribute to the award this kit received. There's a siren feature that loudly alerts of any dangers, the integrated keypad is backlit and thus visible at night, and lastly, NFC technology. Arlo uses NFC to let users easily arm and disarm the system through their mobile devices.

Arlo promises that its new home security kit offers compatibility across a wide range of its own platforms, including the Arlo mobile app, Arlo's security cameras, and the Arlo Secure service plan. The DIY kit is supposed to be easy to set up and can be installed without the help of professionals. It's also really discreet, measuring just 1.1 inches in width, and it doesn't require hardwiring for installation. The company is yet to announce the pricing of the new home security DIY kit.