This is the One Plus 5T Lava Red that you can't have yet

Samsung just launched the Burgundy Red Galaxy S8 in Korea, and the "Never Settle" phone maker is following suit. Considering production timelines, OnePlus could have hardly just seen Samsung's announcement and decided "Let's have a red OnePlus 5T too!" Whatever the story behind the new black color, the Lava Red OnePlus 5T is real and here. But, like the Burgundy Red Galaxy S8, it suffers from one critical flaw: it's available in only one country, a least for now.

OnePlus says that the Lava Red model was made to commemorate the company's fourth birthday, which is rather curious. Red is traditionally a lucky color in China. On the other hand, "4" is a big no-no. So it's almost fitting that OnePlus try to neutralize the bad mojo with a special fourth anniversary edition.

The formal name of the color is "Lava Red", which is probably also fitting. Not only will it be a hot item, it is also a bit hot on the eyes. It is a very intense and saturated hue of red that might scorch your eyes a bit. Well, at least someone else's eyes. The red runs only on the back and sides. Fortunately, OnePlus chose to keep what little bezels there are black.

Other than that, there is nothing else that separates this fourth anniversary Lava Red edition from the other OnePlus 5Ts. It has all the same specs, including the all-screen 18:9 Full HD+ display. And despite what one of the photos below suggests, it still isn't waterproof.

The price is also the same, starting at 2,999 RMB, $454 directly converted. Yes, that implies it's being sold in China and only in China. OnePlus has not made any indication yet if and when the lava will flow to other markets.