This is Apple’s supplier strategy during COVID-19

Brittany A. Roston - May 14, 2020, 4:11pm CDT
This is Apple’s supplier strategy during COVID-19

Apple has detailed the safety changes made to its supply chain in a world impacted by the novel coronavirus pandemic. The information was provided in the company’s latest Supplier Responsibility Progress Report with Apple SVP of Operations Sabih Khan explaining that, among other things, “From the outset, we worked with our suppliers to develop and execute a plan that puts the health of people first.”

Returning people to work is tricky, particularly in cases where the working environment often has many people working in close proximity to each other. Many businesses have had to make adjustments to their working environments and workflows to accommodate newer, safer practices, ones that often include requiring employees to wear some level of personal protection gear, namely face masks.

The same is true with Apple’s suppliers, according to the company’s new report. Khan explains that Apple requires the workers at its suppliers’ facilities to wear personal protective equipment, for those companies to engage in ‘enhanced deep cleaning protocols,’ and for employees to get hand sanitizer and face masks.

“Our teams have also partnered with suppliers to redesign and reconfigure factory floorplans where needed and to implement flexible working hours,” according to Khan [PDF], who said that suppliers are using methods like staggered work shifts in order to ‘maximize personal space.’

Facilities have also implemented health screenings for workers, which may include something like taking an employee’s temperature when they arrive to work, plus these suppliers are limiting the density of their workforce and making sure employees engage in social distancing practices. Khan went on to say in his letter:

While COVID-19 has been an unprecedented challenge, we’ve also drawn hope and inspiration from humanity’s renewed focus on the health of our colleagues, friends, and neighbors. That consciousness — of our health and the health of others — is something we can always carry with us.

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