This iPhone Is Hot! Seriously, It's Too Hot To Touch!

Ewdi has only just gotten his iPhone and he has already found a major flaw. Not the kind of flaws that you've probably seen on the Onion, but a real flaw that could cause some real problems.

He put his iPhone on the dock to sync it with the emails on his Macbook Pro and went off to do some other stuff around the house. After only 20 minutes on the dock he gets a phone call and when he picks it up it feels hot to the touch and causes major discomfort to his ear when talking.

We don't know yet if this is an isolated case, or if others out there have experienced this. So far Vincent hasn't reported that his has been heating up, so that's good. If anyone else out there has experienced this, please chime in and let us know.

My iPhone is Hot! Literally Temperature Hot! [via MYiTablet]