This Ford Bronco ride-on has no dealer markup

Ford is having a very hard time keeping up with the demand for its new Bronco models. With short supply and high demand, you can bet dealerships are taking advantage of any available models on their showroom by adding a significant dealer markup to the price. While you may not be able to get your own Bronco, your kids can have theirs.

The battery-powered ride-on toy is from Kid Trax, and it looks almost identical to the real Bronco in style and design. It even has removable doors and a removable roof, just like the real thing. Kid Trax says there are four different looks that kiddos can have for the vehicle as they drive around outdoors.

The toy has working running lights with LED bulbs that look almost identical to those used on the real SUV. Another very cool touch for the toy is an actual audio system inside that allows kids to hook up an MP3 player to play their tunes or listen to the FM radio. Realistic engine sounds and horn sounds are also built-in.

Other iconic touches to the vehicle include a fifth tire, sport bucket seats, functional side mirrors, and other touches. Since the car runs on electricity, the charge port is hidden behind the little ride-on toys fuel door. Just like the real Bronco, the tires are important for traction, and the toy has rubber traction strip tires helping it to get over just about any terrain.

It will be available exclusively at Target. Exactly how much it will sell for is a mystery, but typically toys the sort sell for around $300. More information will be revealed closer to launch. Anyone interested can subscribe for updates from the manufacturer here.