ThinkSafe - DIY Magnetic Power Connector for Thinkpad

I'm sure many of you Macbooks and MacBook Pros user familiar with "magsafe", Apple's new power connector design with magnetic connection. Now those who own Thinkpads shouldn't be jealous of Macbook users power connector, because you can have one for your Thinkpad. A little DIY work with the help from instructables guide you will be able to make something similar to magsafe."This modification isn't destructive in any way, so it should be possible to restore your laptop to its original condition just by removing the pieces you've glued on. You can't use an unmodified power adapter once you've modded your laptop, but fortunately it's pretty easy to make the plug part, so you can make two or more spares"ThinkSafe: A Magnetic Power Connector for Thinkpads [via instructables]