ThinkPad X300 - Walt Mossberg tells more

As the artist goes to work with words on performing a full review of the X300 for all of us plebe's he did give us some more details on the notebook as an appetizer. Up until now, all we had was the little bit of information that could be gleaned from the various pre-sale listings.

Now we have pictures, and more information, including the fact that it does in fact come with an SSD drive standard, a DVD drive, removable battery, 3 USB ports, and an integrated Ethernet port as well as WiFi. You can even get GPS and a WWAN connection integrated optionally.

It has a 13-inch wide-screen, a full sized keyboard, and a similarly thin profile like the MacBook Air, but steps just over the 3 pound sub-notebook limit at 3.12 pounds. You get your choice of XP or Vista, but the 64GB SSD is standard, not optional, and is a large part of the $2500+ price tag.

[via mossblog]