Thinklight Lights Up The Faster You Work

There are often times when everyone wants a little credit for their work. It's hard to get it, though, without tooting your own horn. The Thinklight can do it for you.

You just plug it in via USB, install the software and get typing. As you type, LED lights inside of it will light up, the faster you work, the brighter it gets, allowing all those around you to see what a good worker you are. It's compatible with windows XP and 2000 and is a fun way to "light up the room".

It costs about $24, which I think is a lot, but it really boils down to how much will you pay for a little recognition? Who knows you might get a raise out it if your boss is impressed with your lighting skills. Just try to refrain from whistling "This Little Light of Mine" while you work.

USB Think light [via Coolest Gadgets]