ThinkGeek unveils new Midnight Shot NV-1 Night Vision Camera

Just like any tool, this camera can be used for good or evil. ThinkGeek has all sorts of cameras and other gadgets that can be used for spying on your fellow geeks and doing things that could get you arrested or beaten up if you get caught. The latest camera product from the geeky purveyor of goodies is the new Midnight Shot NV-1 Night Vision Camera. It's cool and has an infrared photography mode that allows you to take photos in total darkens.

The camera is able to shoot still photos and video. ThinkGeek says that the camera will let you see through some types of fabric and other materials. Exactly what kinds of fabric and materials the camera lets you see through isn't noted, ThinkGeek says you have to experiment. The NV-1 has a 5MP resolution image sensor. The night shot mode retracts an infrared blocking filter that is normally over the lens allowing all that light to the image sensor.

The description does say that during daytime mode if you use the IR setting you will be able to see through clothing because the IR light penetrates surfaces while the light we see with our eyes bounces off. Their viewing effect can be increased by getting your own IR filter and attaching it to the lens as well. The internal memory of the camera is 16MB, it can store photos, and video to SD cards of up to 8GB in size. The video is recorded in AVI format with a resolution of 640 x 480. The camera is estimated to be in stock soon and sells for $139.99.