ThinkGeek and Scottevest unveil the Tropiformer Jacket

If you're a gadget loving technology fan, you've undoubtedly been getting ready for a vacation or a day away from the home or office and had to figure out how to pack all of the gadgets you need to take with you on the road and still have them handy. That can be very challenging because if you get a camera, a smartphone, and maybe an MP3 player stuffed in your pockets you might lose your pants. ThinkGeek has a new solution that makes it easy to take all of your stuff with you on the go.

ThinkGeek has teamed up with Scottevest to create its very own geeky gadget hiding jacket called the Tropiformer Jacket. The jacket is available in four different colors including blue, red, gray, and cement. The jacket features 22 different pockets arranged all around the jacket that are designed specifically to distribute the weight of all your needed gadgets for comfortable wearing.

If you live in a warmer environment, the jacket also has magnetically attached sleeves that pull off easily and quickly to transform the jacket into a vest. The jacket even has a larger dedicated tablet pocket and a special Quick Draw pocket. The quick draw pocket has a clear material on the inside of the jacket allowing you to operate the touch screen of your smartphone without removing it from the pocket.

The jacket even has its own patented personal area network that allows you to route internal cables for headphones and chargers. One of the more interesting features of the jacket is that it can pack away into itself making it easy to store. The jackets also water resistant to keep all your electronics safe even if you get caught in the rain. The jacket is available now for $149.99.

[via ThinkGeek]