Thimble delivers DIY electronics to your door monthly

Thimble is a way for adults and children alike to learn about electronics and build small projects together that will get kids interested in science and engineering. Thimble isn't one kit that you build and walk away from, it's a monthly service that ships new projects to your door to explore. The very first project from Thimble is a WiFi enabled robot.

The robot is controlled using a phone, tablet, or laptop and has everything you need to build it and get it operating in the package. An app that runs on your device gives you all the instructions you need along with tutorials and a community to ask questions if you run into issues.

The robot kit requires the builder to make an Android/iOS app to make the robot move. The robot kit does require the builder to solder components together. Other tools will be needed to build future projects.

Thimble is on Kickstarter seeking funding and has raised over $167,000 after aiming for only $25,000. The project has 39 days to go on Kickstarter. The first kit can be purchased for $49. A pledge of $209 or more gets you a three month subscription. Pledging $369 or more gets you a six month subscription and $749 or more gets you a year subscription.

SOURCE: Kickstarter