These Samsung Galaxy phones will, may, and won't get Android O

Although it's not as insanely innumerable and unnameable as in ages past, Samsung still has quite a variety of smartphones in the worldwide market today. Each of the S, A, J, and C series has at least 3 models per year, and one or two other variants. That's not counting the lone Galaxy Note every year either. With that many models in the past year and current, the question of which ones will get which major Android update is always a guessing game. Fortunately, SamMobile has done a bit of research, scrying, and wishing to bring this compilation of which ones will get the "Big O", a.k.a. Android 8.0, in Samsung' vast Galaxy.

First comes the list of phones that will get Android 8.0 "O", whatever name it will take. Or rather, these are the phones that are highly likely to get the update, mostly because it will be their first major OS upgrade or, at least, be a a very recent high-end model, like last year's Galaxy S7/.

• Galaxy S8

• Galaxy S8+

• Galaxy Note 8

• Galaxy S7

• Galaxy S7 edge

• Galaxy S7 Active

• Galaxy A7 (2017)

• Galaxy A5 (2017)

• Galaxy A3 (2017)

• Galaxy J7 (2017)

• Galaxy J5 (2017)

• Galaxy Note FE

• Galaxy Tab S3

• Galaxy C9 Pro

• Galaxy C7 Pro

• Galaxy J7 Prime (OnNxt)

The next batch of phones are less certain and hang in limbo. Not only are they a year old, they also haven't exactly had much updates between then and now. Of course, there's always a first time, or at least users hope so.

• Galaxy A9 Pro

• Galaxy A8 (2016)

• Galaxy J7 (2016)

• Galaxy J5 (2016)

• Galaxy J3 (2017)

• Galaxy Tab S2 VE (2016 models)

• Galaxy Tab A (2016 models)

And finally we come to the unfortunate losers who are highly unlikely to get an official glimpse of O. They should probably consider themselves lucky if they've even reach Android 7.0 Nougat at this point. Most of these phones have been updated to the latest Android versions twice already or, in the case of the J series, have never been updated ever since they launched. Condolences indeed.

• Galaxy S6 series

• Galaxy Note 5

• Galaxy A7 (2016)

• Galaxy A5 (2016)

• Galaxy A3 (2016)

• Galaxy J3 (2016)

• Galaxy J2 (2016)

• Galaxy J1 variants

Of course, this is Samsung we're talking about. Although the company has showed some effort at changing its image, it is still the most notorious OEM when it comes to snail-paced rollout of updates, sometimes even critical security patches. It is perhaps telling that the company, aside from one brief bright moment after Stagefright, makes not explicit commitment to roll out timely updates, especially the big ones. So take this list with a grain of salt and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised when the update does come.

VIA: SamMobile