These clever Galaxy S10 wallpapers embrace the hole-punch camera

Samsung has released a series of high-quality and mostly clever wallpapers for the Galaxy S10 and S10+. The new illustrated wallpapers not only accommodate the hole-punch camera cutout on the phone's display, but actively incorporate the visual element into the overall wallpaper design, transforming it into a telescope lens, light hinge, periscope head, and more.

Samsung Mobile US tweeted the wallpapers on Thursday, saying, "Big shoutout to our community for inspiring us and bringing the laughs." The company released three wallpapers for the Galaxy S10 model, including one that features the cutout as a void down what appears to be an ice cave, as the lens for a telescope looking at the night sky, and as the hinge of a lamp shining a bright light on the wallpaper's character.

Galaxy S10+ device owners also get a treat, namely two wallpapers, one featuring a periscope coming out of the water (with the camera lenses as its head, of course), and another incorporating the lenses into a UFO pictured abducting a person. Samsung also shared the original files and invited its Galaxy owners "to use" them.

The wallpapers were inspired by the Galaxy S10 community, which has already produced a number of wallpapers based around the cutout. Users interested in adding their own creative work to the content can download templates with the camera cutouts from the /r/S10Wallpapers subreddit.