These are the first 10 Lumias to get Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10 has finally rolled out and some have already gotten their first taste of the brand new OS. The first reviews are coming in and, all in all, it's a rather mixed bag. But now that desktops and tablets have had their fair share, the more mobile-inclined are perhaps more curious about the smartphone incarnation of Windows 10. When will Windows 10 Mobile descend and on which devices first? Fortunately, it seems that Microsoft has finally spilled the beans on that. Or at least the first beans.

Microsoft hasn't completely been forthcoming about which Windows Phones will get Windows 10 first, presumably to prevent it from overpromising something it wouldn't be able to deliver. But with Windows 10 out the door and Windows 10 Mobile close to launch, it's high time that Microsoft say something at all. And so it did. Presenting the first 10 Lumia phones getting the free Windows 10 Mobile "when it's available."

• Lumia 430

• Lumia 435

• Lumia 532

• Lumia 535

• Lumia 540

• Lumia 640

• Lumia 640 XL

• Lumia 735

• Lumia 830

• Lumia 930

You will notice that the list represents the most current models in their respective series (4XX, 5XX, 6XX, etc.) and not necessarily the most popular ones. For example, the Lumia 520/525 and 630/635 are absent from the list. Even more surprising, the high end Lumia 1520 is nowhere to be found. Microsoft assures eager fans that this isn't the complete, not even the final list but only the first batch. When the next batches will be revealed is another question entirely.

As to when Windows 10 Mobile will actually be launching, Microsoft hasn't yet given a specific date. However, based on some clues left by partners and even Microsoft itself, that the mobile version of the OS will start rolling out sometime in Fall, perhaps even as late as November.

SOURCE: Microsoft

VIA: Neowin