These 4 Samsung projects need your approval to hit production

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Samsung plans to debut several new projects from its C-Lab Inside program. The program is designed to give startup ideas a chance to be nurtured and tested before moving on to a wider marketability. Since it's increased in 2012, the program has helped incubate 259 projects, with over 1,060 Samsung employees working within it.

Image: Samsung Electronics Creativity&Innovation Center

Now, Samsung is planning to debut four new projects from C-Lab Inside at Eureka Park during CES 2022. The four new products on display will be tested for their marketability, and then will either transfer to an in-house team at Samsung or spin-off to other companies supported by the tech giant. The items that Samsung plans to show off this year include an AI-based solution for children, as well as an AI-based exam service. Additionally, the company will also showcase a smart electric guitar and a nursery mobile to help detect an eye-related disease in infants.

A smart guitar and an AI to help develop better smartphone usage habits

Of all the products that Samsung will be showing off, the four C-Lab Inside items are quite varying. For starters, the first project is an AI solution called Piloto that Samsung says will help children developer better habits when it comes to smartphone usage.

On the other end of the spectrum is the project known as PROBA (as shown at the head of this article). PROBA is an AI-based exam service that Samsung says is built for test-takers, supervisors, and administrators.

Samsung will also debut a new project designed to help detect early signs of infant strabismus. As the main cause of "lazy eye" or amblyopia, strabismus is essentially when the eyes don't line up correctly. This causes one of the eyes to become more dominant, and as such the visual strength of the other eye suffers because its connection to the brain does not work as intended. The project, known as innovision, is a nursery mobile that should help parents pick up on signs of the condition earlier than usual.

Finally, the last project that Samsung will showcase from C-Lab Insider is ZamStar, a smart electric guitar that is designed to make learning guitar easier. The system users LED guides to help teach users how to play the guitar. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait for more information to be revealed about each product at CES 2022 in January.