Thermodynamic Cell Phone Charger powers your device by boiling water

Hammacher Schlemmer sells some very strange products and some very cool products. The company has announced a new product that is both strange and cool called the Thermodynamic Cell Phone Charger. The device is a little pot designed for your campfire that is able to produce electricity.

The way the product works is you fill the small pot with water, place it on a campfire or other heat source and boil the water inside. A special plate inside the pot harnesses the heat and turns it into electricity that is able to charge your smartphone or other device.

The company says in testing the pot was able to charge a completely dead mobile phone to 100% power in four hours. One potential issue I see is that if you're using this in some sort of survival pack having enough water to boil for four hours to recharge your device might be difficult to do. However, if you spend a lot of time outdoors in situations where you have to boil water before you can drink it anyway, this device will kill two birds with one stone.

The pot measures five-inches high and six-inches in diameter and weighs 12 ounces with a capacity of 1.4-liters. It's designed to recharge hand held USB gadgets including smartphone, GPS devices, cameras, and more. It also ships with a 4-ounce camp stove with electric ignition that runs on propane and a three-foot-long heat resistant charging cable. The Thermodynamic Phone Charger is available for $199.95.

SOURCE: Hammacher Schlemmer