Thermaltake PW880i liquid-cooling system

A new liquid-cooling setup from Thermaltake has been announced, the PW880i, offering more flexibility than the company's all-in-one systems.  Consisting of a copper water block, a tank, a P500 pump and a 24cm Motorsports Radiator, the PW88oi is intended for mainstream processor sockets such as the AMD AM2 or Intel's P4 478.Video demo after the cut

The fan housing slots into the standard mounts at the back of most full or mid-sized towers, while the pump – also at the rear – can move up to 500 liters per hour.  Thermaltake claim the system fan is "silent", a 240mm piece running at 1,000 to 2,000 rpm.

Optional extras include Thermaltake's WB400 and WB200, which can be used to liquid-cool a graphics card and Northbridge respectively.  No word on pricing, but full specifications here.

[via HEXUS]