Thermaltake Challenger Pro Keyboard Packs in a Cooling Fan for Long Nights of Gaming

Cooling fans aren't new to the PC market. For most rigs, especially the high-profile gaming units out there, they're pretty much a necessity. Long hours, and constant usage can make any system overheat if it's not checked at constant intervals. But, we'll go ahead and admit that we never expected a keyboard to get the cooling fan treatment. Well, here's one after all.

There's a catch, though. While Thermaltake has officially unveiled their cooling fan-equipped gaming keyboard at Computex this year, the Challenger Pro, the fan itself isn't exactly where you might imagine it. After all, not many keyboards need a fan on the inside, now do they? But your fingers might, as they fly across the keyboard to input those much needed commands. That's right, this cooling fan is placed on a rail at the top of the keyboard, just over the main rows of keys, and positioned at a slight angle so that a nice cool breeze can blow down on your hands.

The rail extends across the top of the keyboard, so we imagine that it'll be able to move from one position to another, wherever you find it most comfortable and appealing. The whole keyboard features a red LED-backlight, so while you're playing in the dark you can still see where you're fingers are tapping. All in all, we're not sure a keyboard needs a cooling fan, especially for fingers, but hey, we imagine this will be good for someone out there.

[via AVING]