Thermaltake ARMOR A90 Mid-Tower Chassis Features Bulletproof Armor Design

Evan Selleck - May 6, 2010
Thermaltake ARMOR A90 Mid-Tower Chassis Features Bulletproof Armor Design

Spending money to put the latest and greatest in your computer doesn’t mean much if it just looks like any old PC on the outside. If you’re going to customize, you’ve got to customize! That’s why Thermaltake‘s ARMOR A90 mid-tower might be just what you’re looking for, if you’re one of those people that likes to play a lot of PC games, and you want your computer to reflect that. After all, it’s created for combat.

The entire design of the mid-tower is meant to reflect a battle-hardened case. No, you won’t find any bullet holes on the side of it, but it does feature an all-black bulletproof armor design, along with a reinforced front panel, to help with the illusion. As for the inside of it, what comes pre-installed is one 20cm blue exhaust LED-fan at the very top of the tower, and there’s another 12cm intake blue LED-fan on the front-side for good measure, making sure that when you’re playing in the dark, you can still see by the faint glow of your computer.

There’s a total of 4 USB 2.0 ports on the mid-tower, and an additional 12cm exhaust Turbo Fan on the backside, which should help with the air circulation so you’re system doesn’t overheat. If you don’t think those are enough fans, you can always add another one; they’ve even made room for it, as Thermaltake obviously believes this set-up is perfectly designed for the hardcore gamer. There’s a triangular window on the box as well, allowing you to peek inside and make sure you’ve installed everything correctly. And finally, you get a removable dust filter at the bottom of the system, so that if any dust does invade your mid-tower, you can quickly and easily dispose of the majority of it. If you’re interested in this little black beauty, it’s available right now for a suggested retail price of $94, which isn’t all that much at all. Any takers?

[via Far East Gizmos]

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