There’s a Taco Bell Xbox One X and it’ll make you hungry

Eric Abent - Oct 17, 2018, 9:25 am CDT
There’s a Taco Bell Xbox One X and it’ll make you hungry

The Xbox One X is an impressive machine, but the kind of capability it brings to the table is definitely expensive. The Xbox One X normally retails for $500, making it the most expensive console on the block and pricing it outside the budget of many gamers. If the Xbox One X is a little too pricey for your tastes, you might be pleased to know that Taco Bell and Microsoft are giving you the chance to snag one for free.

Today, the two companies announced a new team up that will see Taco Bell giving away Xbox One X consoles beginning tomorrow, October 18. The giveaway promotion runs until November 21, 2018, so you’ve got almost five weeks on the nose to try to win one.

The Xbox One X that’s on offer here is actually a limited edition one. Dubbed the Xbox One X Platinum Edition, this console comes with a platinum gradient color scheme (what else?), and whenever you boot it up, you’ll hear the famous Taco Bell “ring.” That might actually get annoying quickly, but hey, a free console is a free console.

All you need to do to have a shot at winning is buy a Double Chalupa Box from Taco Bell for $5. Each one you buy will get you an entry into the giveaway, and Microsoft says that Taco Bell will be rewarding one Xbox One X every ten minutes during the giveaway.

It’s worth pointing out that this bundle also comes with a white Elite Wireless Controller, along with three-month passes to both Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass. There’s no game included in the bundle, but that subscription to Xbox Game Pass will let you get to playing right away. The giveaway begins tomorrow, so if you’re looking to try your luck, get ready to eat some Chalupas.

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