There’s a Coca-Cola Selfie Bottle because why not

JC Torres - Nov 18, 2016, 2:30am CST
There’s a Coca-Cola Selfie Bottle because why not

Like it or not, and some definitely don’t, selfies are here to stay. It has become almost second nature to some people, particularly millennials, who, for better or for worse, want to document and share their personal involvement, or at least presence, in some of life’s most important and fleeting events. Like chugging down some Coca-Cola. But taking a selfie while drinking something isn’t exactly the most comfortable thing to do. Luckily, someone actually thought of a Coca-Cola Selfie Bottle just for that very purpose.

The rather crazy-sounding idea is actually a rather successful marketing stunt led by Israeli advertising agency Gefen Team. The goal was not only to get users to drink more Coca-Cola, despite health risks, but to also let drinkers share that precious moment on the Internet, all without missing a beat or, worse, spilling that precious liquid.

The hybrid device is basically a 0.5 liter Coca-Cola plastic bottle with an attachment at the bottom. This stores the camera as well as sensors. Sensors? Yes, because bottle can detect when it’s at a 70-degree angle or more, implying that a person is drinking. It will then take a shot and upload it to Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram.

Given the nature of the product, this isn’t going to produce high quality selfies. And given the angle of the shots, the photos aren’t exactly flattering for a selfie. Still, it was a fun way to drink and take a picture, at the same time, and with one hand.

The bottles were used for the Coca-Cola Summer Love, which happens to be Israel’s biggest outdoor event for the brand. And apparently, it was quite a success, with more people participating and drinking than ever. Good thing Coca-Cola isn’t beer.

VIA: Adeevee

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