The YotaPhone 3 is still coming, or so it seems

Bigger companies usually can't afford to diverge from more traditional paths, as LG learned the hard way with the LG G5. It is usually up to smaller manufacturers to dare dream up of more unconventional devices and features. The YotaPhone from Russia was one of those, combining a regular smartphone with an e-ink display at the back. But ever since the launch of the YotaPhone 2 in late 2014, the company has gone silent. Well, not anymore. Its Instagram account not only suddenly came back to life, it also offered hope of a YotaPhone 3 some time in the future.

The idea of the YotaPhone is both odd yet mildly useful. On the back of the phone is an always-on display that doesn't consume any power other than to change the static contents of the e-ink screen. This is useful for showing information you'd rather have immediately visible without having to turn on the phone's screen, like weather, mostly unchanged notifications, time, etc. It also doubles as an ebook reader naturally.

Relatively speaking, the YotaPhone and YotaPhone 2 did well, being received positively in the market. Of course, it won't match the numbers of bigger, more popular companies, but it wasn't expected to really. It also, however, wasn't expected to suddenly fall off the radar as it did.

The company, however, is apparently still alive, even if it has not kept its public-facing connections up-to-date. Last month, YotaPhone's Instagram account started posting again and in one of the comments mentioned that it is developing the third generation of its smartphone. In other words, the YotaPhone 3.

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As the YotaPhone 2 simply offered better specs compared to the first YotaPhone, it's still uncertain what Yota has in store for the third iteration other than updated specs. You could only take the e-ink display concept so far. Maybe it has adopted a colored e-ink display. Considering the company has again fallen silent to inquiries, it's pretty much a guessing game when, or if, the YotaPhone 3 will actually arrive.

VIA: TechRadar