The WowWee Spyball: Just a regular ball, nothing to see here...

Here's a pretty cool device that has all sorts of mischievous potential.  The WowWee Spyball is a remote controlled webcam hidden inside a futuristic-looking plastic ball.  Note to WowWee: the ball's appearance might be kind of a giveaway.

According to WowWee, the ball is able to be controlled, ad-hoc, from any Wi-Fi enabled device you have sitting around and, when configured properly, can be controlled over the internet.  From there, you're set to snap photos and capture video of your unsuspecting targets without them ever knowing – that is, unless they notice the strange looking ball on the floor.

The WowWee Spyball will cost around $149.99 and is set to drop sometime this Fall.  Until then, you'll just have to spy the old fashioned way.